Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bar Snacks

The Korean Food advnture continues: in the bars.

Last Friday we went out for dinner and a couple of beers with some of the other English speakers in town - it was quite fun to sample some Korean night life. We ordered beers in large 3L pitchers to share - the beer here is not as good as in SA but it isn't too bad and is WAY better than Soju: that's just poison! It's purely chemical and tastes vile. Really, it should only be recommended for medicinal purposes.

Anyway, so with the beer always comes a bowl of sweet puffed treats - I mentioned these in the Noraebang episode: they are a bit along the lines of cheee puffs but are rings and are sweeeet - probably best used as pacakging??!

Anyway, the funny thing about these fruit-loops-cousins (hey, that's quite a good description actually...) is that most of them (in one bowl) are a pale brown colour. But there is are always one or two pink ones and one or two green ones. Always in that ratio - very odd (you can see thsi in the pic above). I'll let you know when I figure this mystery out!

Onwards... the other snacks one encounters are peanuts, sometimes cooked in sesame oil - quite tasty, small dried fish and a pack of seaweed sheets. The seaweed apparently goes really well with beer (I am told, but am not sure I agree...yet!) and the little dried fish, well, I think they're quite cute, shame! They're very salty and quite edible too.
We also discovered an 'alcohol analyser' in one of the pubs, great fun. Jules went way into the 'maximum' category with this blow!

This is a sample (below) of the sort of funny English one comes across: someome must've strung these banners up without really understanding them (or after a few 'Hites" to open up their minds! -- "Hite up open mind your open"??

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