Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cheer Up Jessica Teacher!

I had a particularly bad week at school last week and arrived at school on Thursday morning feeling horribly homesick and you know by now news about us travels fast and of course in no time at all the whole school knew that I was not feeling well!

I skipped my first lesson and managed to compose myself - after being fed calming tea, soy milk, crackers and fruit - and I did teach the rest of the lessons that day. Everyone was very concerned and I must say my eyes were opened to how much my fellow staff and the students do care about my well-being. It wasn't nice feeling being so sad but they really warmed my heart. The students' whose class I had missed came running up to me and wanted to know why I hadn't been to THEIR class - i.e. they had missed me, what a nice feeling!

The highlight of my day was the last lesson where the students had written me a message on the board, just so cute and kind!
As much as the Koreans sometimes drive us nuts and are a crazy bunch one can't help liking them!
(P.S. Even when trying to cheer me up, the students do add that they "we are always watching you" - at least they're honest!!)

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