Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kimchi for Breakfast!

It was a momentous occasion when I woke up one morning and felt ready to have my first Kimchi Breakfast. This is one of the things we westerners in Korea just can't get over: that Koreans would favour Kimchi and rice for breakfast over a myriad of other options: cereal, yoghurt, fried eggs and bacon, toast and jam....etc.
Oh well.

So I decided to try it. Kang, one of my co-teachers, had brought us some Kimchi his wife had very kindly made for us. I think she was worried about us not having kimchi as we have not learned how to make it ourselves, and the shop-bought variety is often imported from China (!) and generally not thought of as being good enough for consumption. And a home without is Kimchi is...well, not quite a home.

So...last Sunday I cooked up some rice, got hold of some seaweed sheets to accompany the rice and hauled out the kimchi. I had fun! But I concluded that I did still prefer cereal, yoghurt, fried eggs and bacon, toast and jam....etc.
At least now I know.

Photographic and video evidence below for your enjoyment.

The box of kimchi which was kindly given to us by the wife of one of my co-teachers.
That's a lot of kimchi.

digging in...


Brian said...

I can't do it.

And because of the smell it leaves in my fridge, I cannot bring kimchi into the house.

Thanks for the link.

Unknown said...

Totally impressed with your dexterity with the chopsticks! I would lose a LOT of weight if I had to use them regularly!! :)

Jessica Jane said...

Hmmm...having a box of Kimchi in our fridge is a bit if a sacrifice for the sake of politeness and cultural tolerance.
No doubt it will eventually land up in the garbage but I will tolerate it for a few more weeks!