Sunday, May 10, 2009

the little pebbles and the sand...

Up until now my blog is dominated by large posts with pretty pictures and stories of our travels.

Do you know the metaphor of a jar filled with large stones, pebbles and sand? The jar is filled with large stones, and seems full, until one adds small pebbels and they trickle down and fill the spaces between the large stones. Then one adds fine sand and it further fills spaces between the large stones and pebbles. This was used as a lesson in time management as it illustrates that one must fill the jar with the larger stones first (priorities) and then with the less important stuff...etc.

Well, anyway, what I am getting to is that it is time for me to add some 'samller pebbles' and maybe sand i.e. to start posting smaller posts about daily funnies and experienecs I have in Korea. Because at the end of it I will only get a full picture of the whole experience with the big stones and the 'fillers'.

So here goes with the 'small pebbles' ...

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EEbEE said...

we did an experiment in school to illustrate the particle size phenomemon.

Not sure if you remember but Ziggy put half a litre of alcohol with half a litre of water and in the end there were like 998 ml of solution.

(not one of the most exciting experiments come to think of it...)