Friday, April 30, 2010

BIG BRAAI and a memorable farewell

In March we had a 'party weekend' of note. Two of our good friends were leaving Sangju and had organised a farewell bash at Sangju's only, and barely-functioning, night club, and Jules and I organised a fundraiser-braai for the day.

We have found a supplier of SA Braai meat in Seoul - it is delicious, albeit it pricey, meat (boerewors and lamb chops) and everytime we invite friends to join us for a braai there are 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' about the meat. So we decided to capitalise on our good braai-reputation and arrange a braai to raise funds for a project my Mom runs at Hermannsburg. (See pic below).

It was pretty stressful to organise: for some reasons we've found it incredibly difficult to get people to commit to events: whether these are purely social, or in this case, a fundraiser. We had asked people to RSVP by 4 datys before so we could order the meat, but by the night before our RSVP list was still changing, rather stressful! This was also the first time either of us had 'single-handedly' organised an event with food where people would be paying - which of course makes it imperative that there is enough food, but since we were trying to raise funds, not too much food and not enough people to pay for and eat it. Fortunately it went really well, everyone had a good time and enjoyed the food, and we managed to raise around R800. Yey!

The group photo we took at our braai venue, under a bridge at the river, is rather amusing and indicative of our ignorance as foreigners in Korea: the sign behind us reads 'no cooking'. Our Korean friends only told us this as we were packing up.
Faux-pas of note! Haha!

No Cooking?!

Marize, Marg and I. Marize is South African and Marg Australian. Two lovely ladies I feel lucky to have met in Korea.

Inga from Umtata, Whee the master braaier, and Kelsey, whose farewell we were going to 'celebrate'.

The festivities then continued at 'Shampoo' the possibly dodgy night club in Sangju. Some of our friends interpreted the name of the club as a dress-up theme, and arrived in bath robes: classic! We also managed to pick up a new friend from the rubbish dump: Chuck The Commissioner: he is now a firm favourite on facebook and accompanies us on weekend outings.

Shampoo? And the ernest Mr. Barker.

The 'Dong-Crew' with our new friend, The Commissioner.
('Dong-Crew' = our friends who live in Dongducheon, north of Seoul.)

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