Monday, October 13, 2008

Home Images: our apartment and city in a few pictures

It's difficult to capture the atmosphere of the place one lives in photos. I think this first attempt may not be that succesful, but let's give it a go.

This is our apartment: It is small. probably about 8mx5m. It's a studio apartment so except for the bathrrom, it's all in one room - We sleep in our kitchen/cook in our bedroom depending on what mood we're in! (But whatever mood we're in, there's always a pink undertone lingering...with a faint but distinct sewerage smell creeping up through the plumbing!!)

Additions: some photos of our apartment block and city.

Our Apartment Block "Beautiful House" - Isn't it just! :) (My bicycle outside!). You can see our little window on the top/3rd floor on the left. Around the corner (out of the photo) is our larger window.

On the right: the view from across town towards Homever and our area.

The beautiful yellow rice fields on the way to Jules' school.

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