Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Photos of culinary delights: Part 1

So I have finally got some photos of some of the lovely dishes I have been describing in the blog.
To begin, the takeout lunch in Seoul: Enter at left the three boxes and two bowls...

My first Korean meal in a restaurant was kal gug su: a type of soupy noodle dish. The soup contained whole mussles/clams of sort which one fishes out with chopsticks and removes the contents - with chopsticks, difficult! This was accompanied by the usual side dishes: kimchi, cooked rgrass (I don't have a proper name for this yet!), fresh cabbage leaves, etc.

My ineptness with chopsticks seems to be quite a talking point when we're eating in a restaurant: great aught and offers of wooden chopsticks or a fork. Only little kids eat with forks, embarassing!! We now have wooden chopsticks at home to practice with. The metal chopsticks in the restaurants etc are really a nightmare to try and eat with, just so slippery!

This is the dreaded rice cake. This was a stall at the Sangju storytelling festival where they were making ricecake - very proudly so and offering tasters to all passers-by - could not refuse! I must admit that it is slightly better when fresh as it is a bit more tender-less rubbery!- and goes down easier! But as you can see, it needs to be beaten with huge mallets to make it at all edible, this stuff is crazy!
On Sunday (12 Oct) we went out for 'Korean Bacon'. This was really tasty. We had a little cooker/plate in the middle of our table (at which we are of course sitting on the floor!).
We fried the bacon and sliced mushrooms on the plate, then rolled it up in a piece of fresh lettuce with various combinations of soybean paste, garlic sauce, chilli, radish, kimchi (of course!!), marinated beef, quails eggs, 'cooked grass' dish etc. This was really tasty. Topped off with rice and tofu soup. A lovely meal indeed, very edible!
(P.S. The peace/V symbol is important when taking photos in Korea - you can see Jules is leraning quickly! And instead of saying 'cheese' in photos, the Koreans say...well, you guessed it...Kimchiiiiii!)

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