Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hiking at Songnisan - and some admin

Jules and I went hiking with a friend of ours, Woo-seong, the weekend before last.
We went to a lovely National Park called Songnisan, about an hour drive from here. We had such a great time: sightseeing aroud Songnisan: we saw an old fortress and visited a house with 99 rooms. And we were in Woo-seong's car which made the trip so much easier and more enjoyable than teh eternal bus trips!

We stayed the night in a very quaint and traditional hiker's inn a little way up the mountain. It was fabulous to sit outside under the trees and hear the water gurgling by in teh little stream. The next morning we headed off on a steep, steep, steep hike up to the highest peak on the area - Munjangdae. It was incredibly steep (did I say how steep it was?) but also very beautiful. There were busloads of other hikers around which detracted a bit from th peaceful forests and mountains, but we really enjoyed being outdoors nonetheless.
Autumn is here...the mornings are getting chilly and the heat of the day is nowhere near what it was. Soonw e'll be plunged into icy cold again and will of course wish for the summer!

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