Tuesday, November 10, 2009

best of Sangju in autumn

autumn feet.

my trusty...bike. Which was recently repaired by a very drunk bicycle shop owner. Soju might just have some magical powers!

The accommodating/obliging Ajummas! They are wearing those vests as part of their 'community service' uniform. They were being gathered to start working on teh city's flower beds etc.

persimmons, persimmons and more persimmons!

The in-between seasons are the best in Korea: Spring is beautiful because of all the blossoms, things coming alive and greening up, and of course the weather warming up gently.

Similarly, autumn is an aesthetically pleasing time of the year: gorgeous golden, red, yellow, brown leaves are everywhere. I really like that about teh decidious forest in Korea!

In Sangju, the orange-coloured persimmons are hanging everywhere: hanging on tress waiting to be harvested, hanging in sheds to dry. Sitting in a box in the corner of our house....waiting to be eaten! Persimmons anyone?? (Dot? I know they're a special treat for you!)

I think the appeal of these seasons also lies in the mild weather. Mid-winter in Korea is very cold, miserable, grey and ugly. Mid-sumemr is excruciatinlgy humid and dripping, in ever sense of the word, and it is difficult to find respite from the oppresive heat.

So spring and autumn win hands down!

I have enjoyed autumn this year more than last year: I think this time last year I was so absorbed in the shock of arriving in Korea and being thrust into my new job headlong that I had little capacity to really appreciate what was going on around me. This year though, having slipped into an almost compfortable pace at school, I have time to take my camera along on the way to school, and today I took some lovey pics of autumn in Sangju.

I even found some mild-mannered Ajummas (it must be the autumn vibes...) willing to pose in a pic for me! :)


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