Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's winter!

And how do I know that for sure?

Well, of ocurse because it's bloody freezing cold, but also: the leaves have all fallen off the trees, the ajumams are hidden behind big coats and face masks, the heaters have been turned on in the staffroom at school and I am drinking hot water. Yup, never thought I'd do that, but one can only take in so much hot tea and coffee in one day to warm up, and then one can still drink water.

Also...there were reports of a little snowfall on Sunday - in Sangju!

And, well, it's mid-November, so the timing is right.

And, MSN weather online confirms that the temperature has not risen above 5 degrees since Saturday and that it is below zero in the mornings and all night.

So it's wrap up time: out with the big heavy coat, the thermal underwear, hats and gloves. I forgot my beanie this morning for the ride to school and it felt like the icy wind was blowing right through my brain: in one ear and out the other!

But teh good news is that the ski season will open soon soon, and...we're off to Japan to watch the Sumo wrestling this weekend: so exciting!

So enjoy the hot sun your side while I soak up the cosy vibes over here. At least the dragon of a principal has left my school and we'll probably be allowed to turn on the heating in the classrooms relatively soon!

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EEbEE said...

My fav thins from Japan at the moment are two TV Game Shows.

Ninja warrior and Takeshi's Castle.
(check them out on youtube)

if i went to Japan i would def try squeezing in a visit to mount Madoriama (sp?) to watch the fun.

Actually there is TONS to do over there as a tourist. i'm sure you will have fun and manage to fill the schedule with relative ease.