Sunday, July 25, 2010

Capturing a modern Korean tragedy

Advertising in the subway in Seoul.

Transform yourself.
Become more like a westerner, less like an Asian, less like a Korean.
Bigger eyes, narrower face, gentler brow lines.
The key to success.
Or so it would seem.


Unknown said...

Hmmm ...... thank you my Jess, it is so sad. Thank you for helping your girls to love who they are - you are such a good role model to them!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I would like to be born korean.
Not for everything, but regarding esthetic topics, many scientists has prouved that they have less winkles, their hairs are stronger and their skin are thicker, so they can bear more sunlight.
It's so pathetic that they can't realize how beautifull they are in their natural beauty.

Anonymous said...

The last anonymous comment was written by Barbara !


Jessica Jane said...

Thanks for your comments.
It is such a sad situation.
I do really try to encourage my students to love and accept themselves as they are, but they have so many other powerful, manipulative influences around them that it does at times feel like going up against a brick wall.

Cari Nelson said...

I wish they would really take it to heart when a foreigner tells them how pretty they are... to me, east Asians are gorgeous, why would they want to look like us???

While I think what the media tells Asians is worse than American media... ours is pretty bad too. I really think it all comes down to selling products... a lot of money is made off of making people feel bad about themselves.